What Has Been Accomplished By Shinseki’s Resignation?

By Sem­per­papa   Sure, the res­ig­na­tion of Shin­seki from lead­ing the VA is a wel­come sign. Mostly because it is impor­tant for the peo­ple to actu­ally see some­one being held respon­si­ble for some­thing gone so bad. In real­ity, the accom­plish­ments achieved by such move on the part of the retired Army gen­eral are dubi­ous. The way Con­tinue Reading »

My Heart Is Heavy

By Sem­per­papa Events have a strange way to con­di­tion our emo­tions and the events that affect our Nation are def­i­nitely plac­ing a heavy bur­den on emo­tions. In just the last few days, I have wit­nessed the heart­break of a mother watch­ing her Marine son get on the dreaded bus on his way to Afghanistan. She Con­tinue Reading »

Syria Or Not?

By Sem­per­papa The ques­tion about our pos­si­ble mil­i­tary inter­ven­tion in Syria is the hot topic of the day. Amaz­ingly enough, the issue seems to have replaced the news of the vicis­si­tudes of Miley Cirus and her so called “per­for­mance” on the VMA last week. Many, from both sides of the polit­i­cal spec­trum, have expressed their oppo­si­tion Con­tinue Reading »

Screw Trayvon Martin. It’s the Gun, Stupid!

By Sem­per­papa Eric Holder, Obama in real­ity as noth­ing moves with­out the tyrant’s agree­ment, is attack­ing our right to self-defense. Yes, the God given right each human being has to defend him­self from the threat of death or grave injury per­pe­trated by another. This is a por­tion of the state­ment that Holder made in front Con­tinue Reading »